By Wahab Abdulah

Islam is meant to be practiced and not to reside in the pages of Quran and Hadiths. If these books are properly understood, then Islam will remain a practicable religion forever that can guarantee success both in this life and the hereafter.

This was the position of ClearPath Islamic Center at the N500million fundraising ceremony to build a place of worship and Multipurpose centre.

The Executive Director/CEO, Imam Abdurraheem Ahmad Sayi said that there is no choice other than to fully submit to the dictates of the Quran and Hadiths, vowing that its leaders would never  compromise the originality of Islam.

Imam Abdurraheem Ahmad Sayi

According to him, “this is the best way to go because Islam is not only rational, it is also natural. But where people cannot get the link between what they get in terms of Islamic knowledge and the rationality and naturality then they fall into two main camps.

Understanding the context

The first is those who believe “that is what Allah and the Prophet have said without properly understanding the context in which these thing were said, then they commit sin. That is why some pick on some verses that were meant for isolated circumstances and be destroying lives of people and properties all in the name of Islam.

“We are not going to re-write the Quran but those verses should rather be put in the right perspective. We will not comprose the originality of Islam.

“The other extreme will be those who will say why identify ourselves with these horrible things. Rather, we are going to draw a margin and not go beyound this level of Islam, saying once you can pray five times a day, that will be all. A whole lot other fundamentals are also omitted, they don’t want to grow because they have a phobia already. “They think the more you grow in Islam, the more you grow to extremity and fundamentalism or may be the farther you go in Islam, the more destructive you become. This is the delusion that must be corrected.

“Alhamdullilah, we will say people who have been participating in the ClearPath dawah in the last three years can attest to this fact that we have not in anyway been dogmatic about our teachings and that it is indeed taking people from one level to another.

The N500million fund-raising which was held last Saturday at the Lagoon Restaurant, Lagos attracted captains of industries, high net-worth individuals and eminent personalities including the Vice President, Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, NSCIA, and President, MUSWEN, Alhaji Sakariyau Babalola among others.

According to the Chairman, Board of Trustees, ClearPath Islamic Centre, Kamar Bakrin the centre was poised at equipping people with the ability to read and understand Islam better in order to avoid dogmatism and extremism. The scope of Clear path is not limited to the young ones, the older ones have the opportunity to learn and understand Islam better. He stated that the centre will be located along the Lekki corridor.

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