An economist and financial expert, Catherine Enaohwo, has unveiled a literature book with the title ‘ THRIVE ‘, to engage the youth generation in a success-inspiring context garnished with entertainment style.

While the launch of the complete work is to hold in July, Catherine has wetted the appetite of her prospective readers across several socio-economic classes and age brackets with the recent unveiling of the book cover at her 40th birthday celebration in held at the prestigious Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The unveiling of ‘THRIVE’ cover follows the success of her earlier book: ‘Cracking the Code to Success’ which she co-authored with Brain Tracy and is currently one of the best-sellers on


Structurally, THRIVE contains 12 chapters talking about the various principles that should guide man in achieving the ultimate life goals.

Some of the chapters of the book, which are as follows: Detest Mediocrity, Seek to add Value first, and not just money; look before you ‘Lip’; Integrity is key; Resilience; Be productive and not just active; Be focused and Prepared,” she highlighted adding that this is to make the present and future youth generations realize that there is no limit to how much they can achieve and how far they can go.

Catherine, a professional, mother and author, revealed the philosophy behind the writing of the book and the choice of its title as the quest to move from the known to the unknown.

“The known meaning of the word ‘thrive’ is to grow and increase stature; or to grow vigorously and luxuriantly; or to flourish, increase in wealth, prosper, and be profitable,” said Enaohwo, who is an alumna of Wits Business School (South Africa) and the New York Institute of Finance (USA).

Popularly nicknamed Catherine ‘de’ Great by her friends and associates, Catherine has attained the status of ‘Fellow’ in notable institutes such as the Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria (ICEN), the Chartered Institute of Professional Financial Managers (USA) and the Institute of Professional Financial Consultants (Nigeria).

Catherine is a council member of the Chartered Institute of Professional Financial Managers (CIPFM), West Africa.

Meanwhile, she says beyond the dictionary meaning of her new book, “you will find that, in my book, I’m almost impatient with the popular view of success, which, for most people, is equivalent to just getting by.”

According to her, “If there is one message in my book, it is that success is certainly not about just getting by neither it is all about discovering and harnessing your talents.

“That is sure better than nothing, but, to thrive, you will need to be doing the best thing you were created to do, which will be your biggest contribution to humanity.”

She further explained that to make significant contributions to the humanity may require that one learn some skills, hire some skills, or partner with people, who have certain skills or resources, or advantages not available in “your comfort zone.”

On how she chose the title for the book, she said: “I wanted a one-word title and decided that the best word that captures the essence of my message is that six-letter word — THRIVE,”

Speaking further on the motivative impetus behind the book, she explained: “In everything I do, except by compulsion, I am driven by my quest to enhance myself and enrich society. The motivation to write and publish this book emanated from these two basic principles.”

She continued: “The book is about my perspective on sustainable success, what it really means, and how it can be achieved.

“I look around me today and find people content with mediocrity; not striving to be more or to achieve more. They seem content with being in ‘survival mode’. They do not seek Excellence. But I believe everyone of us must seek to be better, even at our perceived best.”

A mother to beautiful Uvie, fondly known as Mimmi, Catherine said the book is focused on unleashing the inner genius in all and sundry, arming them to achieve sustainable success.

Asked how she has managed to combine her career as a professional economist with writing, Catherine said that the two are related, adding, “My writing reflects the principles that guide my activities as an economist and investment banker for almost 20 years.”

Written and Edited by the  Education editor, Mr. Dayo

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