By Juliet Ebirim

With the rise in kidnapping and ritual killings in the country, Mrs. Victoria Ojeme has every reason to be thankful to God for delivering her eight-year old nephew, Francis Atule who lives with her from the hands of kidnappers. Mrs Ojeme shared the experience with Saturday Vanguard   from her Lugbe residence in Abuja thus…

“It was on a Thursday, I sent my nephew, Francis to help me buy recharge card at about 7:30pm. The errand would normally take him about three minutes because it wasn’t far from the house. I waited for him to return for about 30 minutes but I didn’t see him. I sent my house-help to go and check for him and she returned without him. I started getting worried. I went to check on him at my uncle’s place which wasn’t far from where we lived, but he wasn’t there. I came back to the house, entered my car and hit the road. I searched from street to street, went to hospitals and the police station.”

At the police station, Mrs. Ojeme was told to wait for 24 hours before making a report. She went to the church, but didn’t find him there. She continued searching and eventually got home at 2.00 am on Friday “The following morning, which was a Friday, I went looking for him again. Neighbours joined me. I called my mum back home to find out if he was there, she said she hasn’t seen him. We searched for him throughout that day till night fall, we didn’t find him. I went back to the police station to make a report since it was twenty four hours since he went missing. We continued the search again on Saturday morning. I was so sacred and worried. I cried nonstop. I had never cried like that in my life. His late father was my younger brother. I cried and prayed. I did Novena prayers” She said.

Fortunately, the heavens heard her cry last Saturday evening, Victoria received news that Francis had been found. “About 4:30 pm or thereabout, I saw some missed calls from my mother. So I called her back and she told me a woman called and told her that she was with Francis. She forwarded the woman’s number to me and I called her. She gave me a location to meet her and I met her there with my nephew. She narrated how she saw the boy in the market and that he had lost his way. I took him home and he wasn’t talking due to shock. He was just numb. I bathed him with warm water, dressed him up and took him to the church. We came back home and he slept all through the night. We went to church the next morning, which was a Sunday. On Sunday evening, I noticed he had started moving around and I asked him if he could talk now. And he replied in the affirmative.”

Francis recounted to his aunt how he was kidnapped on his way to buy recharge card and how God miraculously saved him from his abductors. “He said when he went to buy the recharge card, as he was approaching the shop, a man just came out of a car that was parked close to the shop, picked him up, shoved him into the car and zoomed off. There were two other men inside the car. He shouted for help but nobody could hear him because the car windows were up. People didn’t even notice because there are usually many people on the road by that time. He kept shouting for help and when they got to the expressway, at a bus-stop known as car-wash, the driver said “Kick this thing out of this car. He is disturbing us”. The car slowed down and they kicked him out.”Continuing she said “Francis wandered around and slept on the pedestrian bridge there that night. He wandered around the following day too and slept inside the market at an uncompleted building. It was on Saturday, the third day that he approached the woman selling vegetables for help, that he had lost his way. He remembered my mum’s phone number. So the woman called my mother who also called me and that was how we got him back.” She disclosed.

Child kidnappers and ritualists are on the prowl in the country at an alarming rate. It is said that they prey on children due to the fact that witch doctors or oracles ask their clients to supply children’s parts because they are innocent, pure and efficacious in preparing charms.

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