Last week, our cover stories on notorious kidnapper, Evans have continued to elicit reactions particularly from our online readers. While many of them believe that Evans deserves no mercy a few others opined that a second chance could transform him. Below are comments from just few readers   online.


Behold, this  nigga  is talking about fairness!. Just because you want to die we won’t give you the death penalty. Instead we will make sure the humiliation increases and changes tack everyday so you don’t get used to it. You will also be on round the clock suicide watch. Get comfortable, this is your life now… you’re going to be a circus item for the rest of your miserable life.



“The only thing I want now is for the government to take care of my children, educate them and don’t allow them to become criminals.”

Typical, making outrageous demands and trying to reap from where he did not sow. In a few years’ time some people from his area of the country will say Nigeria has been unjust to them because it did not send the children of Evans to the best universities in the world to acquire education.

Dele Daniels

Hanging him is not good because he will die and be free from his atrocities.

It will be better to put him in solitary confinement where he sees nobody and his cell where they should lock him will be close to a soak-away pit where he will be enjoying the smell of shit every day of his life. There he will feel all he did and know that he can not eat his  akara  and have it back.

evil people! he wants to be given a second chance! to do what?


You will definitely die but not by your own choosing. How can Evans be talking about dying after he subjected hard-working people to untold agony. Those victims were held in open graves, in captivity.

Only one week you already crying for death, meanwhile you can hold others in chains for months without any crime committed. They should give him  garri  and cement/kulikuli  to drink.

Jack Daniels

You can’t die ooo. At least not yet. You’ve to pay for your crimes and be further humiliated and sentenced to life in prison

Matthew Sule

Never, Not life imprisonment, He need to face death sentence because he and his gangs has killed people and destroyed some families.

Okojie Ne Ewatto

Evans should be forgiven. Remember Saul in the Bible.

Igbo Kwenu

God bless Saturday Vanguard for that wonderful write up. Everyday is for the thief, and one day for the owner of the house. He should be hanged until he breaths his last. Look at him pleading for mercy. Did he ever show mercy on his victims?

Chukwudi Ikegwuonu

Director at Self-Employed

You will not die but live to testify the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Rukayya Abubakar

You’re joking! After what you did to others, you’re asking government to help your family.

Umar Haruna

Has he forgotten how many children had suffered because of his selfish interest, how many women and children became widows and orphans as a result of his inhuman and devilish act. In fact, if we want to rid this country of crime, people like Evans should not be given a chance to breath another day. How many innocent souls has he sent to their graves. Let him join them too, that should be penalty for his action.

Mustapha Khalid

Government should not spare any of his family, (his children, wife and parents), because he has turned the happiness of many families into sorrow and grief. No need for tears, it’s too early to cry, shame on you.

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