KIDNAPPING: FEGGICOLLA Old Girls takes on school security

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By Destiny Eseaga

PIQUED by series of kidnappings that have taken place in various schools in Lagos, Ogun and Borno states, the Federal Government Girls’ College, Akure, (FEGGICOLLA) Old Girls Association, has concluded plans to raise N100 million to provide security infrastructure and other facilities for its alma mater, as part of activities to mark the College’s 40th anniversary celebration this year.

Speaking at a press conference organised by the association in Lagos, the association’s president, Orie Mong Vann said: “As part of activities to mark the 40th anniversary celebration, the old girls decided to assist the school in improving their security infrastructure and other facilities. We are very concerned about the threat of insecurity to the girl- child.

“To this end, the association has decided to raise N100 million to execute this laudable project which includes, provision of solar energy to power classrooms, dormitories, laboratories, street lights and borehole and re-enforcing the existing fence. These projects will be handled and managed by the association before handing over to the school. A maintenance committee of the association in conjunction with the school management will also be set up to monitor the project.”

On how they the money will be raised, the chairperson, Anniversary Planning Committee, Mrs. Oseyemi Fagbamigbe said: “We are holding a fundraising/reunion dinner  come July 15, 2017 and the anniversary proper will take place in Akure, Ondo State from 27 to 29 October, 2017. In addition, each member is expected to contribute a minimum of N20,000 and N11,500 for the dinner party.”


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