I’m training to produce better music — Singer, Doxy

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The Next to Stardom award winner, Dolapo Oyatomi, known as Doxy, who dropped the single “Taking The Way” which appeared on New York Journal has explained why he has maintained musical silence, saying, he had to go for more training to produce better music.

“I have been off to build myself up with a new company called 14 P.A (Partner Alliance). It is a company that belongs to a gentleman known as Bobo. I am going through training to get better in my music career,” he said.


He says most artistes in Nigeria are not getting it right with the music they produce. He also said that it is when he joined 14 P.A. to learn how to be good musically that he found out that music is not just an idea you drop the way it came to you.

“It should be more than an idea; you need to build it, cook it, refresh it and attach more techniques to the same idea, then, you can now produce it for people to hear and feel it in the way of the music. I love music and no one can stop that in me. If we look at the artistes in Nigeria today, most of them can’t perform live music. They mostly go to the stage, with the DJ playing their songs and singing along. It shouldn’t be that way all the time. Let the fans, people, feel the raw you,” he quipped.

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