DStv Open Window: Striking a chord with every household

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By Mimi Ucheagwu

Nigerians can easily keep tabs with happenings around the world whatever their interests are. Ranging from sports, entertainment and news, there is never a dull moment. The availability of these content on High Definition (HD) and state-of-the-art satellite broadcast make MultiChoice Nigeria a brand of first choice. And to boost penetration levels and choices, MultiChoice has segmented its products into different bouquets, namely Premium, Family, Access, Compact, and Compact Plus, ensuring accessibility to everyone or house holding Nigeria.

Through consumer-driven product offerings, MultiChoice has significantly changed the narrative of broadcasting across Africa, especially since the launch of the new HD channels which delivers high-quality entertainment, sports and news content. A few months ago, the company brought down some of its Dstv channels, originally sitting on the DStv Premium bouquet, to lower bouquets in order to enable more customers, including potential subscribers,enjoy improved value. As a standard bearer in the pay-TV industry, MultiChoice has continued to display exemplary leadership through the quality of content provided to customers. Today, most urban Nigerians, including several others in rural areas who subscribe to Dstv, can watch latest programmes ranging from sports to news, documentary and entertainment at will. Again, customers can now catch up with any of their favourite programmes through the DStv Catch Up at their convenient time, or probably enjoy their choice programmes through the latest app, DStv Now.

In its latest move to further enhance its value offerings, MultiChoice Nigeria recently moved new premium channels to its Compact and Compact Plus bouquets, a step that gave its teeming customers a more rewarding viewing experience. The DStv Open Window, which was introduced to give a greater value to its DStv Compact and Compact Plus customers, enables access to more premium channels. The Comedy Central on DStv Channel 22, which used to be on DStv Premium and Compact, and more interesting programmes on History Channel 186 as well as Discovery Channel on Channel 121, are now available on Compact and Compact Plus. The customer-driven incentive, which commenced in May 2017,is expected to further delight customers on Compact and Compact Plus.

Martin Mabutho,General Manager, MultiChoice Nigeria, while highlighting the benefits in the offering for the company’s subscribers, said, “The Open Window gives our customers a taste of some of the great channels available on our packages. It’s our way of saying thank you for your support and highlighting some of the great content available on DStv Premium.” He further said that DStv Compact and Compact Plus customers are in for a special treat as Comedy Central on DStv channel 122 will be showing Jerry Seinfeld and his motley crew of unhinged friends in Seinfeld, the hit 90’s TV sitcom which currently runs on the channel every weekday along other fan favourites such as the second season of Broad City; among others. Roast Battle by Jeff Ross, is already showing, among others.”

ForDStv customers who love to watch the History Channel, the DStv Open Window has provided the opportunity for them to know those that have meaningfully shaped the world, from a hundred-and-one to number one, the names of those who, in the judgment of experts, including those who contribute to the series, most influentially shaped the century and the world.

The DStv Open Window is enriched with great value and provides a wider opportunity for customers to expand their views. For lovers of Discovery ChannelonDStv channel 121, the new offer gives viewers  the finest entertainment in the areas of history, nature, science and technology and human adventure. Haunted UK, which follows a group of brave individuals as they attempt to go off grid and avoid detection in this 24-hour surveillance society, is currently airing on the channel.

The DStv Open Window is expected to broadly enhance viewing experience across all households, with access spreading from major urban areas to sub-urban and rural areas. The improved access to more premium channels will not only entertain the people but also keep them abreast with history evens as well as provide useful information about the world around us.

  • Ucheagwu is based in Lagos

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