in line with its tagline of insuring the happiness of customers, Leadway Assurance, Nigeria’s leading insurance services provider, has introduced a Mobile Office, a more convenient way for customers and prospects to access insurance products and make enquiries. Besides providing a more convenient way to get insurance products, the mobile office is introducing exciting and affordable insurance products to the public.

In the last few weeks, the office on wheels has taken insurance to Agege, Ajeromi, Alimosho, Kosofe and Ikorodu, to mention just a few, as part of its tour of 240 constituencies in Lagos. Your neighbourhood will definitely not be left out. See for the tour schedule. It is believed that the introduction of this first-of-its-kind Mobile Insurance Office by Leadway Assurance will aggressively drive insurance penetration in the retail segment.

Insurance today is so different from what we had in previous years. Before now, the common idea was that insurance is exclusively meant for the rich, and low-income earners should not even wink at the idea, not to talk of buying. But, with the recent twists and adjustments in insurance plans and products, and their accompanying monthly premium, insurance is now for all.

Your home and members of your household can now enjoy insurance cover, even for less. Leadway Assurance, through the mobile office, has introduced the Hospital Cash Cover, Home Flexa Silver, and a range of affordable motor insurance plans, which every Nigerian, be they rich, average or low income earners, can afford.

Home Flexa Silver is an affordable insurance plan with a monthly premium of N1, 074, designed to protect the home from unforeseen circumstances that might occur as a result of fire, theft, burglary, flood or any other form of accidental damage. The plan also makes provision for funds that cater for the hospital bills of members of the household – spouse and children, as well as compensation in the event of death or a permanent disability and funeral expenses. You get to enjoy up to N500, 000 worth of benefits with this plan.

Gone are the days when you will have to settle for inadequate medical care because of hospitalization cost, as this has been made easier with the Leadway Hospital Cash Cover. Your hospital bills and that of every member of your household below 65 years of age can be insured with this plan.

With an annual premium as low as N5, 210 for the basic level of cover, you will get a daily cash cover of N4, 000 for hospitalization due to illness for 20 days, and N7000 for hospitalization due to accidents for 15 days. Other levels of cover include ‘Classic’ and ‘Plus’, which offer higher benefits, depending on the reason for hospitalization. Classic offers N7, 500 daily for hospitalization due to illness and N12, 750 daily for accidents, while Plus is the highest level of cover, offering N10, 500 daily for hospitalization due to illness and N15, 750 daily for accidents.

Are you yet to renew your vehicle insurance? You don’t have to pay touts anymore! Get genuine documents and insurance plans that would effectively serve you whenever you need them. Also get firsthand information on all the Leadway policies available for you, your car, family and businesses when you walk into the Leadway mobile office.

The state of the art Mobile Insurance Office, launched in view of current industry realities, is bringing affordable insurance to you. Now you have an opportunity to get covered, conveniently. For more information on the Leadway Mobile office, you can call 012800700.

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