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Nigeria in search of a nation

By Afe Babalola “It was never intended that the area now called Nigeria or any of the area granted to other countries would metamorphose into a nation. It was intended to be a fief for exploitation of raw materials such as palm oil, palm kernel, groundnut, cocoa, rubber and cotton to meet the industrial demands […]

Powers, achievements, and failings of the Nigeria Police: Lack of modern equipment, accommodation & training: Need for urgent attention (9)

“Miracles credited to police forces in developed countries today are attributable substantially to computerization and techno-communication.” By Afe Babalola Another serious problem confronting the Police is lack of modern tools (equipment). This can be sub-divided into 1.Communication, (ii) Vehicles, boats and marina crafts (iii) Aircraft and Helicopters; (iv)Special modern weapons/arms and ammunition. As rightly observed […]

Powers, achievements, and failings of the Nigeria Police: Need for urgent attention(6)

“It is common knowledge that Nigeria has, of late, become a crime-infested country. The three decades of a most ruinous military rule did not, by any stretch of the                                    imagination better the lot of the Police on this part of the globe”. By Afe Babalola In examining the duties of the  police within the context […]