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Zambia shall not be free

By Emeka Obasi Zambia shook the globe in far away Kwangju, South Korea when they pounded Italy 4-0 at the Seoul’88 Olympic Games. All four goals were scored by the Bwalyas. Kalusha, one hitherto unknown youngster from Cercles Brugges, Belgium, turned superstar overnight for the hat-trick. Led by Sam Ndhlovu, the Zambians paraded  a crowd […]

How Gowon broke one north

By Emeka Obasi Politics  throws itself up in various forms leaving those who think they are professional politicians losing out without realising their place in the new order until it becomes way too late. I must give General Yakubu Gowon credit for doing what most Nigerians found difficult to do in the past. Gowon dealt […]

Murtala in power, Danjuma in control

By Emeka Obasi Military strategists must devote quite some time to study Lt. General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma. There is something about this man that needs to be thrown up in the annals of leadership and power struggle. He did not rise to the rank of a Four-Star general yet he towers above some Heads of […]

Remembering Okokon Ndem

By Emeka Obasi The words of Okokon Ndem come in handy here as some continue the fight against injustice. We all abhor a system that marginalises individuals and groups. It is also true that while we cry for equity, there must be a touch of wisdom and diplomacy. With awareness created, bridges should be built […]

Effiong: Biafra’s president, Nigerian hero

By Emeka Obasi He was the man saddled with the suicidal job of meeting with the Nigerians after Biafra had lost steam. General  Philip Asuquo Effiong was already a soldier the year Col. Olusegun Obasanjo was eight years old. He was commissioned before Generals Emeka Ojukwu and Yakubu Gowon. Asuquo Effiong When the chips were […]

Of killers and Boko Haram

By Emeka Obasi My mood is so bad at this time in what sounds like a suicide mission embarked upon by compatriots who were forced into a fatal search for oil at a time the Federal Government is drumming diversification of the economy into our ears. Losing 18 soldiers in one battle is calamitous. Add […]

North-East marginalization and Dankwambo’s flag

By Emeka Obasi Those who talk of marginalisation should join hands today in highlighting the plight of our brothers in the North East who are going through hell imposed on them by all Nigerians even as we believe that the North should take a break  and give others the opportunity to taste the prime position. […]

Seven possible for 2023 presidency

By Emeka Obasi Those who fail to plan for the 2023 Presidential race can only blame themselves when the chips are down. I am talking to the Igbo nation. Other groups plan 10 years ahead and map out effective strategies. That is the way to go. Enough of the follow follow that does not pay. […]

 That South-East, South-South rapprochement

By Emeka Obasi Things are taking shape and at the end I am sure the country will be smelling sweeter. The recent moves by different geo-political zones of Southern Nigeria show that with one voice, so much will be achieved. It is interesting to see South-East governors jaw jaw with their South-South counterparts. There is […]

Deleting Fajuyi, Banjo and Ogundipe

By Emeka Obasi We must learn to keep records in a country where history sounds like taboo in the minds of the younger generation. There is this photograph that may be used in future to distort the books of the Nigeria Army. It is a group gathering of about 30 officers with the  British head […]