About Sadaqatul-Jariyah

Given that Charity is not mandatory and has no preset limit, it is strongly encouraged in hundreds of verses in the Quran. Various verses of te Holy Qur’an pontificate the act as a means of obtaining God’s mercy and forgiveness (24:22, 92:17 to 92:18), cleansing the souls of impurity (9:103), and attaining superior degree faith […]

Ndigbo Muslims decry neglect, threats to lives, property

Muslims of Igbo extraction in Nigeria have cried unto federal and state governments including the leadership of the Southeast geopolitical zones to offer  appoinments to Igbo Muslims, decrying their marginalisation as “coordinated neglect at all levels of goverments.” They maintained that the federal government was collaborating with vatious governments of their states to deny them […]

Islamic Universities: Towards integration and sustainability

Early this month, Muslim academics around the globe under the auspices of International Institute of Islamic Thought, (IIIT) gathered in Oshogbo, Osun State, to appraise the state of Islamic Universities with the view to identifying their challenges and proffering credible and lasting solution. The conference which was the fourth in its series was themed: Islamic […]

Archbishop of Canterbury visits Ahmadiyya world leader •Speaks on religious freedom

Archbishop of Canterbury, His Grace, Justin Welby visited the Ahmadiyya world Headquarters in London where he met with His Holiness Hazrat Masroor Ahmad, the fifth Caliph. The meeting which held at the London’s oldest mosque, Fazi mosque discussed issues relating to continued persecution of religious minorities in various parts of the world. Hazrat Mirza Masroor […]