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Cleric advocates true federalism

Archbishop of Christ Church of Cherubim and Seraphim Nigeria and Overseas, Rt. Rev Gabriel Adereyinwo has advocated for true federalism, just as over 500 clergies were ordained bishops, senior apostles and many more, reports Bose Adelaja. Adereyinwo said the current resources allocation formula tilts unjustifiably in favour of the centre which is giving rise to […]

True Federalism will kick out corruption

By Morenike Taire Differences between reforms and restructuring are not only coarse but obvious for all to see; yet they appear completely lost within the unwholesome din of the latest restructuring discourse in the country today. Reasons for this are not farfetched, and are basically due to the present ethnicist contexts that have come to […]

Much ado about ‘true federalism’

By Mohammed Adamu PEOPLE talk about ‘TRUE federalism’ as though there is a particular form of it that is sanctified by the gods -and to the extent of which all other forms of the system which depart from that pristine purity, are necessarily sullied and therefore ‘false’ or ‘untrue’. So much noise about Nigeria not […]

Catholic archbishop renews calls for true federalism

By Olayinka Latona THE Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins has renewed his call on President Muhammadu Buhari to urgently consider restructuring Nigeria on the path of true federalism. Addressing journalists on the state of the nation during a press briefing organised to mark 58th birthday anniversary at the Holy Cross Cathedral, […]