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Money is sweet, but not oily

By Francis Ewherido The heading is a literal translation of a popular saying in Urhoboland: igho vwerha; yo f’ivwrii. It means money is good, but not everything. For some time now, especially since Vanguard Newspaper and others started devoting specific pages to reporting of crime stories, many people have been asking if these crimes have […]

The downside of old age

By Francis Ewherido My mother, Mrs. Paulina Powder Ewherido, was 84 years last Tuesday. In a country where the average life expectancy for women is 53 years, that is remarkable. And for people, who know the health history of this proverbial cat with nine lives, 84 years is monumental. I always forget her birthdays until […]

My personal physician, my friend

By Francis Ewherido For a long time, I indulged in drinking of cold water, with ice floating on it and cold fried meat and chicken stored in the freezer. I call it “hardened meat.” But all that are in the past. Now, I scarcely touch cold water, especially during the rainy season. I stopped enjoying […]

Marital intellectual disequilibrium

By Francis Ewherido A few weeks ago, I wrote about spouses who sponsored their other halves to the university and when they graduated, they dumped the benefactor-spouses, because they felt their spouses are now beneath their new status. When I was writing then, I felt ingratitude and ego tripping were responsible for the obnoxious behaviour. […]

Getting married? Welcome to hell

By Francis Ewherido Recently, I felt my marriage course participants were getting too comfortable and lethargic as they were preparing for marriage. I decided to jolt them by showing them the other side of marriage, starting from the lesser drawbacks. I had barely gone 30 percent when I started noticing anxiety in their faces. One […]

Freedom comes with concomitant responsibility

By Francis Ewherido As parents gathered in the chapel of St. Gregory’s College, Ikoyi, Lagos, for the Holy Mass to commence the graduation ceremonies of their children last Saturday, one feeling was mutual: joy. Beyond that, there were divergent feelings. For some parents, St. Gregory’s was a refuge for their children while away from home. […]

Managing your mother and your spouse

By Francis Ewherido “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24-25). This statement is so critical to the institution of matrimony that Jesus amplified it in Matthew 19: 4-6. Bible scholars interpret “leave” to mean breaking away from your […]

The game changer

By Francis Ewherido Next Tuesday is World Population Day, a day which seeks to raise awareness on global population issues. In Nigeria, our exploding population, which currently stands at 191.8 million, is a real issue. At the individual level, I have made it a sing song to my marriage course participants that after the first […]

Happiness is a choice

By Francis Ewherido “Life is not fair,” is a common  refrain by many people and do you blame them? What is fair about losing your spouse at a young age? What is fair about losing a beloved sibling? What is fair about being predeceased by your child? What is fair about losing your only child? […]

The “Almighty” male child

By Francis Ewherido The birth of a baby should bring joy, but I am angry. Even the parents of the baby too are. But the reasons for our mutual feeling differ. I am angry because that baby is their fifth child, their fifth daughter, in less than seven years of marriage, and the only reason […]