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He closes his eyes during sex

Dear Bunmi, I’m very close to my boyfriend of nine months and enjoy the intimacy that exists between us. The thing is that when we have sex” he closes his eyes and stays silent. He says he enjoys cuddling more than sex, yet he also says he wants more excitement. How do I interpret his […]

I think of my ex when I have sex

Dear Bunmi, I have been with my boyfriend for three years on and off. But for those three years, all I could think about was my ex! When we make love, I picture my ex’s face so I could really be in the mood. I know this is really bad but I have no idea […]

Sex with wife below 18 is ‘rape’

India’s Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that having sex with a wife below 18 years of age amounts to rape, a landmark judgment aimed at stopping child marriages. “If a man has sexual intercourse with a wife who is below 18 years, it is an offence. “The minor wife can complain against the husband within […]

U.S. Republican lawmaker resigns after sex scandal

Washington – U.S. Republican Congressman Tim Murphy has announced his resignation after his affair with a young woman came to light, official statement said on Friday. “Upon further discussion with my family, I have made the decision to resign my position,’’ Murphy, an eight-term member of the House of Representatives, serving since 2003, said. The […]

‘Engage your children in sex education’

A medical expert, Dr Tesleem Ajiboye has advised parents to give proper sex education to their children to reduce the increasing incidence of rape and other vices in the society. Ajiboye told newsmen on Wednesday in Ilorin that awareness of puberty in teenage children was essential to their physical and psychological development. “Some children experience […]

Was she sex mad – or was it the drugs?

SEX is supposed to be demystified so youths don’t feel guilty for taking part in something that follows naturally when you’re in  love – and you’re sure you’re loved back. These days, you hear and see clips of sexual encounters that make your toes curl! Mahmud, 32 and his current girlfriend Julie were to join […]

Sex doesn’t turn me on

DearBunmi, With all these talks about the joys of sex, I find it embarrassing to let you know that the thought of sex leaves me cold. I am currently in a relationship and everything is great – except that I don’t have any sex drive. I am in my 20s, have a job and enjoy […]

Sex is God’s Gift — Andrianna Adebiyi

BY ROTIMI AGBANA Sex is a topic most people shy away from in public for reasons stemming from religious beliefs, morals or ethics. But for Tinsel star, Andrianna Adebiyi, mincing words doesn’t seem to be her style as she airs her opinion on hallowed matters whenever the need arises. In a  chat with Potpourri, the […]

Feeling depressed,sex helps!

Forget the pills and pick me up. Never mind retail therapy if you’re feeling down in the dumps, there’s a simple solution. Have more sex! Psychologists have found that women who have sex frequently are less likely to be depressed. Experts now believe that it isn’t lovemaking itself that gives women a lift; it is […]