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Business Tycoon in gospel music

…Parents should work hard to    prevent raping of minors via hawking …Parents should work hard to    prevent raping of minors via hawking•My gospel music was divine calling By Moses Nosike Mrs Damilola Adefemi, is a woman of many colours – an entrepreneur, Managing Director of  Eliel Group of companies, philanthropist and a gospel […]

Woman advocates use of corporate African dresses in Nigeria

By Bose Adelaja PROGRAMME Initiator of Think Africa Project,  Chinasa Jonathan-Ojei, has advocated for corporate Nigeria to imbibe corporate African dress code, to increase the demand for African fabrics and reawaken the comatose textile industries. Speaking at a forum in Lagos, she said African fabrics like  Adire, Aso Oke, Ankara, Akosombo, Akwete, Batik, Bogolanfini Ghana Textile Prints, Guinea brocade, Kente, Printex, […]

Water, the body’s gold standard fluid

THERE is a saying that no matter how chilled a drink may be, whether soda, wine or malt drink, it can never take the place of water. After taking different drinks to satisfy the taste bud, you still have to drink water to quench your thirst. Information available to Homemakers indicates that an adult’s body […]

Dundu Oniyeri delicacy

…(Egg-coated Nigerian Sweet Potato Fries) SWEET potato season is here. Potato is available everywhere and cheap. This week, Kitchen Africa brings to you sweet potato recipe you can’t resist. •Egg coated potato fries The Western world is known for packaging foods with names that arouse your curiosity until you find that they are the meals […]