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Hillary Clinton and epistemological collapse

How do you know that Hillary Clinton exists? I’m serious; or, at least, I’m making a point. Bear with me. Think about it. You...

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Bookeen’s Saga is a middling Kindle alternative with a built-in case

 How’s this for a press release headline? “Saga: the e-reader that changes the game of digital reading.” Compelling, right? within the first two sentences,...

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Tech’s favorite royal — Prince Alwaleed bin Talal — has been arrested in Saudi Arabia

 In a move sure to shock the business world, Saudi Arabia last night announced the arrest of at least eleven princes, including renowned billionaire...

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Quantifying the driverless startup boom

 For driverless car startups, raising capital seems to happen on autopilot. Investors and acquirers have put billions into the space over the past couple...

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A closer look at the capabilities and risks of iPhone X face mapping

 Face ID has already generated a lot of excitement but the switch to a facial biometric does raise privacy concerns — given that the human...

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