Ola Ade asked 1 year ago

Caleb Nwosu replied 1 year ago

OK, well now you mentioned it. I saw that they have societies in Nigeria.

arize Staff replied 1 year ago

@Caleb… Yup, but Google can’t give you the exact answer, we have to answer here so that Google knows what to give anybody who asks in the future. So have you seen any in Nigeria I am guessing you know what/ who atheists are.

Caleb Nwosu replied 1 year ago

i nearly asked ” What/ Who are Atheists? But then I just used Google “.

Ola Ade replied 1 year ago

Nigeria is a big country with a lot of people from different tribes, ethnic groups, cultural backgrounds and religions living together as one. I have heard rumours of some people who studied metaphysics having very strong evidence that disproves the existence of God.

But yet I have not for once met a Nigerian who doesn’t go to church or mosque. And we all claim to be practicing seriously. Nigeria is also rumored to be one of the most religious countries in the world. It is also rumoured that some foreign contractors and partnerships was denied due to the high level of religious beliefs by Nigerians.

Also everybody participate during celebrations like Christmas, Easter, Ramadan and Salah. So I wonder, are there Atheists in Nigeria?

arize Staff replied 1 year ago

Hey, nice question. Why not try throwing more light on the reason for your question so others can know where to answer you from.

1 Answers
Caleb Nwosu answered 12 months ago

Yes. There are atheists Nigeria. They have a society Atheists Society of Nigeria. They have at least 300 followers on Twitter and at least 1K followers on Facebook, and a working website.

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