Abraham Arizechukwu asked 1 year ago

How can I send a message to someone who has blocked me on WhatsApp? Trick or Hack.

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Abraham Arizechukwu answered 1 year ago

After some research here are some fee tricks that could work.

  1. Delete your WhatsApp account and reinstall it in your mobile phone as a new user.

    * trick: deleting your account means your account will be erased from the WhatsApp database and everything related to your account will be lost, including people you blocked and the ones that blocked you, because you can’t block or get blocked if you don’t exist in the database. If you like you can backup your WhatsApp data before doing this, but delete the blockers number before backing up to avoid mistakes to the minimum.

  2. Get someone else to create a group and add you and the person that blocked you in that same group this gives you the chance the message that person while posting on the group. To make things more interesting ask the admin to leave the group and you will be left with the person that formerly blocked you from his contact list.

This is for educational purpose and should not be used for spamming. Feel free to report any group or message as spam if you discover you have been added or messaged unwillingly.

Austin Chukwu replied 12 months ago

Nice tacks ?

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