Caleb Nwosu asked 12 months ago

In a section in my profile I see my points. What can I do with them? Does it affect my profile negatively or positively?

arize Staff replied 12 months ago

Thanks for the question Caleb. This question was directed to our support department, who I believe are having a bit of technical difficulties. I’m sure you will get your answer shortly. ☺

Caleb Nwosu replied 12 months ago

Anybody wants to answer on this? Hidira Support?

1 Answers
Hidira Staff answered 11 months ago

Thanks Caleb. The points you see in attached to your profile is a way of showing how active you are in the community. Most of the things you do contributes to the points increase.

It could affect your profile positively if you wish to exploit the potentials, ? hope I answered your question?

Juliet, Support Dept.???

Ezinne Youngs replied 11 months ago


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