What is the meaning of La Fete by Falz?

HidiraCategory: NigeriaWhat is the meaning of La Fete by Falz?
Kafu Kojo asked 6 months ago
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What was Falz singing when he was singing that song Fete La Fete? Which language was that and what does it mean?

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2 Answers
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arize answered 6 months ago
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Fete is the french word for Party. Written like this “Fête”, maybe the E with the sign on top is why it was pronounced with such aggression by Falz.
So i think he was basically signing “Party The Party” or something very related to that in French. 😉

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Ojo Samuel replied 1 month ago

that song was the bomb, that time #lafete

Kafu Kojo replied 5 months ago

took me quite a while to get back here. Thanks.

Chinwendu Belzcan Nnonyelu answered 1 week ago
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To party(faire la fête)

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