Blessing Matthew asked 12 months ago

Why did Davido register for NYSC? It’s obvious that his music carr is successful, and nothing seems to be going wrong at the moment? So why did super star OBO register for NYSC which pays graduates 19,800 per month? Is it that his carear is at stake? Or he wants to gain from the monthly allowance been paid to corpers? Did he choose to be a corper because he also heard the rumour that corpers were going to be paid 49,800 and decided to have a share of the national cake?

No I think there is more. I think he has the ambition of going into politics or has the aim of occupying a public office in the future. Why is it that after years of graduation he has chose to go to service this year? After the drama with Adeosun (minister of finance) it’s obvious that the government does not joke with the NYSC. So it’s obvious that in the future Davido must come out for an office. His music career was just fun days for him, I think it’s time he wants to step up his game. Because his family has a history in politics.

Else why did he, out of the whole celebrities decide to try have an NYSC certificate?

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