Ezeh Zulu asked 1 year ago

I believe I am not the only one askin my self this question now, but some people are scared of asking this in public. If you have found a way or scerete that made you a millionaire, why do you need to share it? People can barely tell you how they made money, they can’t tell you how much they make a day in their business then all of a sudden someone feels like telling the whole world how he made his fortune. I saying this because if anybody found a pile of gold some where in the forest he wouldnt even tell his wife let alone telling the whole wolrd. He would keep that secrete and probably die with it or make sure its the last thing he tells his son before giving up.

So why do millionaires claim to put their secretes in a book and claim they want the everybody to know about it. Somepoeple that sell books which include how to become a millionair in 6 months can barely eat 3 sqaure meals.

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