Uche D Don asked 2 years ago

Did anybody notice that Italy doesn’t have a striker in the list? Thier name is sorry in this Russia world cup. Lol

Ola Ade replied 1 year ago

hehe…. which world cup are you guys talking about? the one that Italy played or not?

Charlie Brown replied 2 years ago

It’s a known fact that Italy’s midfield is very good. And midfield is the soul of a team. Perhaps their coach wants to invent a new football pattern. Or the have a midfielder that can play as an attacker also. Let’s be watching.

1 Answers
Kafu Kojo answered 1 year ago

I think what Don meant to ask was. “Why didn’t Italy make it to the Russia 2018 World Cup”. Well it’s because they didn’t qualify from Europe.

Uche D Don replied 1 year ago

Yes o. My brother…u know they are used to making it to the World Cup, so when they came to the Euro qualifiers without a striker I thought they will still come to WC as usual… Obviously football is changing.

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